Laura Herberg records at The Alley Project in Southwest Detroit. Photo by Kenny Karpov

At WDET, where I work as a public radio reporter, there is no photography budget. You’d think they wouldn’t need one at a radio station, right? But that’s assuming you forgot about this thing called the Internet. Pretty much everything ends up there this day and age, including radio stories.

When I work on a story, I usually take photos with my iPhone, or sometimes I beg one of my amazing photographer friends, Amy Sacka or Kenny Karpov, to take pictures pro bono. I don’t like doing this. They are great and deserve to be paid.

So, I decided to take advantage of one of the benefits of my job, free tuition at Wayne State University. This semester I am taking Lori King’s Digital Photojournalism class (for which this blog is required). The hope is that by the end of the semester I will no longer be taking pictures for stories on my iPhone, and I will no longer be begging photographer friends to help me out, but instead I’ll be taking my own professional-looking photos.